"A small space where big things happen."

Welcome to Common Ground Theatre

Common Ground Theatre is a performance space in the Triangle area of North Carolina. We are committed to the growth of lively arts, and our performance space is utilized by many of the best young and small theater companies in the region. CG Theatre is also a great new spot to see local music and various other entertainment alternatives. Check out the upcoming events at CG Theatre.

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With a flexible black box design, Common Ground Theatre offers the best space in the Triangle for rehearsals, classes, auditions, and performances.

The 2300 square foot building includes 960 square feet of performance space, flexible seating for 55+, a lobby, box office, dressing room, and ample parking.

Situated in West Durham, North Carolina, the theatre is conveniently located near Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Hillsborough.

For rental information, please contact Shelby Hahn at shelby@cgtheatre.com.

Current Events

Bull City Blues

Friday, June 3


Bull City Blues, directed by Rachel Klem, follows the officers of the BCPD as they do battle with Durham’s villainous underworld. Follow our exciting cast of talented improvisers as they fight to keep Durham a safe place to laugh in peace.

Featuring: Anoo Brod, Brian Dukes, Juliet Kaplan, Carol Machuca, Brian Thacker, Jeffrey Moore, Shelby Hahn and Rachel Klem.

Special guest Dan Sipp joins the cast for this season’s penultimate episode!

Tickets – $12

Saturday, June 4

Third Date Improv

Third Date returns to Common Ground Theatre for their first show of the summer. The four person cast (J, Nancy, Jenny and Dan) will create an hour long improvised piece based on one suggestion.

Local chanteuse Ellen Ciompi will open the show with a set of cabaret-style tunes.

Saturday, June 4 8pm
Tickets $12

For reservations call 919-943-6373


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FOR VENUE INFORMATION, EMAIL info@cgtheatre.com or CALL (919) 384-7817

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